Course Times: Basic Psychological Processes

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Course SectionCourse TitleOpen SeatsDel.DaysStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor(s)
PSY 104 A Basic Psychological Processes4 A OSOnlMWF08:0008:50Lieb, Glynnis
PSY 104 B Basic Psychological Processes1 A OSOnlMWF09:0009:50Howorko, Adam
PSY 104 C Basic Psychological ProcessesFULLOnlMWF10:0010:50Howorko, Adam
PSY 104 D Basic Psychological Processes1 A OSOnlMWF12:0012:50Congdon, Jenna
PSY 104 E Basic Psychological Processes1 A OSOnlMWF13:0013:50Congdon, Jenna
PSY 104 F Basic Psychological Processes6 A OSOnlMWF14:0014:50Scully, Erin
PSY 104 G Basic Psychological Processes19 A OSOnlMWF15:0015:50Howorko, Adam
PSY 104 H Basic Psychological Processes25 A OSOnlMWF17:0017:50Lieb, Glynnis
PSY 104 J Basic Psychological Processes13 A OSOnlTR08:0009:15Douglas, Shawn
PSY 104 K Basic Psychological Processes31 A OSOnlT19:0021:50Wong, Justin