Course Times: TCP/IP Security

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TermCourseSectionCourse TitleOpen SeatsDaysStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor(s)
2020 Winter TermISSM521B TCP/IP Security1F17:0019:50Ajala, Victor
2020 Winter TermISSM521C TCP/IP Security10R17:0019:50Butakov, Sergey
2020 Winter TermISSM521F TCP/IP Security1R14:0016:50Butakov, Sergey
2020 Winter TermISSM521H TCP/IP SecurityFULLM17:0019:50Ajala, Victor
2020 Spring Term 1ISSM521Q TCP/IP Security12W12:4017:10Butakov, Sergey
Classes run from:
2020-05-04 to 2020-06-26
Deadline to add/drop:
2020-05-11 12:00:00
Last day to withdraw:
2020 Fall TermISSM521A TCP/IP Security30T14:0016:50Butakov, Sergey
2021 Winter TermISSM521C TCP/IP Security30M08:0010:50Butakov, Sergey