Course Times: Greek and Roman Mythology

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TermCourseSectionCourse TitleOpen SeatsDaysStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor(s)
2020 Winter TermCLAS102C Greek and Roman MythologyFULLTR09:2510:40Micheelsen, Lisa
2020 Fall TermCLAS102A Greek and Roman MythologyFULLTR11:1012:25Micheelsen, Lisa
2020 Fall TermCLAS102B Greek and Roman Mythology1TR14:0015:15Micheelsen, Lisa
2020 Fall TermCLAS102D Greek and Roman Mythology49TR12:3513:50Krispin, Daniel
2021 Winter TermCLAS102C Greek and Roman Mythology14TR09:2510:40Micheelsen, Lisa