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Regular university classes end: May. 19, 2017
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CourseSectionCourse TitleOpen SeatsDaysStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor(s)
BIO 100P Introduction to Biological Systems11MTWRF09:0012:00C. Salvado, Carla
BIO 100PLLab for Introduction to Biological Systems1TWR13:0016:00Pollock, Emily
BIO 100QLLab for Introduction to Biological Systems10TWR13:0016:00Pollock, Emily
BIO 319P Field Course in Marine, Freshwater and Terrestrial Ecosystems10 Chen, Xin
CH 101P Introductory University Chemistry I11MTWRF09:0012:00Titah, James
CH 101PLLab for Introductory University Chemistry I11MTWRF14:0017:00Titah, James
CH 101PSSeminar for Introductory University Chemistry I11MTWRF12:0012:50Titah, James
CH 261P Basic Organic Chemistry I3MTWRF09:0012:00Scadeng, Owen
CH 261PLLab for Basic Organic Chemistry I3MTWRF14:0017:00Clark, Rhett
CH 261PSSeminar for Basic Organic Chemistry I3MTWRF12:0012:50Scadeng, Owen
DRA 252P Fundamentals of Public Speaking1MTWRF09:0012:00Ritz, Randy
EAS 101P Introduction to Physical Earth Science9MTWRF09:0012:00Berkes, Zoltan
EAS 101PLLab for Introduction to Physical Earth Science9MTWRF13:0016:00Davies, Tracye
ECO 101P Introduction to Microeconomics44MTWRF09:0012:00Franke, Oliver
ENG 111P Literature and Composition I7MTWRF09:0012:00King, Maureen
ENG 399P Classics of Children's Literature in English8TR13:0016:20Morris, Mark
ENSC319P Field Course in Marine, Freshwater and Terrestrial Ecosystems5 Chen, Xin
ENVH523P Ethical Issues in Environmental Health12W
ENVH533P Health Promotion and Environmental Health Education12T11:0014:00Mak, Tony
Song, Sandra
ENVH543P Public Health Administration and Management35 Song, Sandra
ENVH552P Epidemiology12T15:0018:00Dover, Doug
Scott, Allison
ENVH556P Environmental Chemistry12R09:0012:00Adiele, Reginald
ENVH557P Environmental Toxicology12W09:0012:00Adiele, Reginald
ENVH561P Field Experience in Public Health Inspection30 Fok, Nelson
Song, Sandra
ENVH571P Applied Research Project in Health SciencesFULL Fok, Nelson
Song, Sandra
FR 101P Beginners' French I9MTWR09:0015:00Guyot, Adrien
ISAM558P Research Methods II5R08:0012:30Butakov, Sergey
Swar, Bobby
ISAM581P Research Project8R08:0012:30Butakov, Sergey
Swar, Bobby
ISSM503P Operating Systems Security6T08:0012:30Samuel, Hamman
ISSM521P TCP/IP Security19W08:0012:30Butakov, Sergey
ISSM533P Cryptology and Secure Network CommunicationsFULLT13:0017:30Samuel, Hamman
ISSM535P Firewall Fundamentals4W13:0017:30Malik, Yasir
ISSM536P Digital Forensics15M17:0021:30Desforges, Benoit
ISSM538P Research Methods I8R13:0017:30Swar, Bobby
ISSM541P Management Accounting11W17:3022:00O'Coin, Dwayne
ISSM545P Security Policies, Standards and Management13T17:3022:00Gichohi, Francis
ISSM551P Disaster Recovery and Planning8M09:0013:30Jaafar, Fehmi
ISSM559Q Research Methods II6W08:0012:30Zavarsky, Pavol
ISSM561P Information Technology Law and Ethics11F09:0017:00Kratz, Martin
ISSM581P Research Project11T08:0012:30Zavarsky, Pavol
ISSM581Q Research Project2W08:0012:30Zavarsky, Pavol
MUP 122Y Applied Music (Novice Level or Secondary Area)5
MUP 123Y Applied Music (Novice Level or Secondary Area)5
MUP 126Y Applied Music (Primary Area)5
MUP 127Y Applied Music (Primary Area)5
MUP 222Y Applied Music (Secondary Area)5
MUP 223Y Applied Music (Secondary Area)5
MUP 226Y Applied Music (Primary Area)5
MUP 227Y Applied Music (Primary)5
MUP 322Y Applied Music (Secondary Area)5
MUP 323Y Applied Music (Secondary Area)5
MUP 326Y Applied Music (Primary Area)5
MUP 327Y Applied Music (Primary Area)5
MUP 422Y Applied Music (Secondary Area)5
MUP 423Y Applied Music (Secondary Area)5
MUP 426Y Applied Music (Primary Area)5
MUP 427Y Applied Music (Primary Area)5
PESS 101P Introduction to Physical Education, Health, and Wellness11MTWRF09:0012:00Bradford, Brent
PHLD 602P Project Planning for Public Health Professionals22
PHSC 624P Community Engagement in Public Health23 Keelan, Jennifer
PHVP 631P Aboriginal Health and Healthy Public Policy24 Ghosh, Hasu
PSY 104P Basic Psychological Processes42MTWRF09:0012:00Howorko, Adam
PSY 211P Statistical Methods for Psychological Research10MTWR10:0012:15Wong, Yvonne
PSY 338P PersonalityFULLMTWRF13:0016:00Zare-Bawani, Farzad
PSY 635Y Advanced Intellectual Assessment Practicum8MTWR10:0012:00Massey, Donald
PSY 637Y Advanced Personality Assessment Practicum9 Dyce, Jamie
PSY 678Y Advanced Human Neuropsychology Practicum10MTW13:0013:50Brodie, Norman
REL 252P Old Testament Literature2MTWRF09:0012:00Anderson, Bill
SOC 100P Sociological Concepts and Perspectives34MTWRF09:0012:00Jayachandran, John
SPA 101P Beginners' Spanish I5MTWR
Alexander, Katie