Regular university classes begin: Jan. 11, 2017  
Regular university classes end: Apr. 13, 2017
Sections W,X,Y have irregular start and end dates.  

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CourseSectionCourse TitleOpen SeatsDaysStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor(s)
ACCT102AAccounting 102 2MW
Khinkanina, Natasha
ACCT102BAccounting 102 23MWF17:0018:25Sulman, Abdul
ACCT401AAccounting 401 20TR17:3018:45Kidwai, Erum
ACCT402AAccounting 402 13MW16:3017:45Kidwai, Erum
ACCT402ASAccounting 402 Seminar13M18:0018:50Kidwai, Erum
ACCT404AAccounting 404 16MWF15:0015:50Khinkanina, Natasha
ACCT405AAccounting 405 10MWF10:0010:50Khinkanina, Natasha
ARTH102AArt History 102 27MW17:0018:30Rayment, Deborah
BCS 538ABiblical and Christian Studies 538 5MWF10:0010:50Anderson, Bill
BCS 570ABiblical and Christian Studies 570 4TR09:2510:40Muir, Steven
BCS 636ABiblical and Christian Studies 636 Seminar4TR12:3513:50Muir, Steven
BES 107CBiology/Environmental Science 107 1MWF09:0009:50Walsh, John
BES 107DBiology/Environmental Science 107 12MWF14:0014:50Hemmerling, Deborah
BES 107FLBiology/Environmental Science 107 Lab4W14:0017:00Walsh, John
BES 107GLBiology/Environmental Science 107 Lab7W18:0021:00Walsh, John
BES 107HLBiology/Environmental Science 107 LabFULLR08:0011:00Walsh, John
BES 107KLBiology/Environmental Science 107 Lab2R14:0017:00Sheena, Arif
BES 108CBiology/Environmental Science 108 4MWF09:0009:50Chen, Xin
BES 108DBiology/Environmental Science 108 15MWF14:0014:50Janowicz, Mariola
BES 108ELBiology/Environmental Science 108 Lab1M14:0017:00Monson, Juliana
BES 108FLBiology/Environmental Science 108 LabFULLM18:0021:00Hughes, Ashley
BES 108GLBiology/Environmental Science 108 Lab1T08:0011:00Cheng, Caroline
BES 108HLBiology/Environmental Science 108 LabFULLT14:0017:00Cheng, Caroline
BES 108JLBiology/Environmental Science 108 Lab17T18:0021:00Monson, Juliana
BIO 100BBiology 100 4MWF15:0015:50Hughes, Ashley
BIO 100ELBiology 100 Lab1R18:0021:00Hughes, Devin
BIO 100FLBiology 100 Lab1R18:0021:00Hughes, Devin
BIO 100GLBiology 100 Lab2S09:0012:00Cheng, Caroline
BIO 201ABiology 201 14TR12:3513:50Janowicz, Mariola
BIO 201ALBiology 201 Lab3T14:0017:00Janowicz, Mariola
BIO 201BLBiology 201 Lab2T14:0017:00Janowicz, Mariola
BIO 201CLBiology 201 Lab9T18:0021:00Hughes, Devin
BIO 207BBiology 207 19MWF09:0009:50C. Salvado, Carla
BIO 207ELBiology 207 Lab3M14:0017:00Walsh, John
BIO 207FLBiology 207 Lab8M18:0021:00Richter, Craig
BIO 207GLBiology 207 Lab8T08:0011:00Richter, Craig
BIO 215ABiology 215 7TR11:1012:25Dalton, S.
BIO 215ALBiology 215 Lab3F08:0011:00Pollock, Emily
BIO 215BLBiology 215 Lab4F14:0017:00Dalton, S.
BIO 227BBiology 227 6TR11:1012:25Janowicz, Mariola
BIO 227ELBiology 227 Lab6T14:0016:50Monson, Juliana
BIO 227FLBiology 227 LabFULLT14:0016:50Monson, Juliana
BIO 250ABiology 250 5MWF13:0013:50Chen, Xin
BIO 250ALBiology 250 Lab5R14:0017:00Chen, Xin
BIO 265ABiology 265 1MWF10:0010:50Hemmerling, Deborah
BIO 265ALBiology 265 LabFULLW14:0017:00Sheena, Arif
BIO 265BLBiology 265 LabFULLW18:0021:00Richter, Craig
BIO 265CLBiology 265 Lab2R08:0011:00Richter, Craig
BIO 320ABiology 320 14TR08:0009:15C. Salvado, Carla
BIO 330BBiology 330 9 Hemmerling, Deborah
BIO 339ABiology 339 6TR12:3513:50Chen, Xin
BIO 366ABiology 366 7TR09:2510:40C. Salvado, Carla
BIO 366ALBiology 366 Lab7F14:0017:00C. Salvado, Carla
BIO 415ABiology 415 12TR09:2510:40Dalton, S.
BIO 415ALBiology 415 Lab4R14:0017:00Pollock, Emily
BIO 415BLBiology 415 Lab8F14:0017:00Pollock, Emily
BIO 450BBiology 450 10 Chen, Xin
Dalton, S.
Hemmerling, Deborah
Janowicz, Mariola
BIO 465ABiology 465 24MWF11:0011:50Hemmerling, Deborah
BIO 480ABiology 480 3MWF13:0013:50Dalton, S.
BIO 489ABiology 489 8 Chen, Xin
Dalton, S.
Hemmerling, Deborah
Janowicz, Mariola
BIOCH200BBiochemistry 200 13TR08:0009:15Titah, James
BIOCH320ABiochemistry 320 14TR08:0009:15C. Salvado, Carla
BUS 110CBusiness 110 4MWF08:0008:50Yacyshyn, Alison
BUS 110DBusiness 110 6MWF16:0016:50Payne, Ryan
BUS 111BBusiness 111 23TR16:3017:45Huda, Mohammad (Huda)
BUS 112BBusiness 112 6M
Daniels, Jason
BUS 112BLBusiness 112 Lab5F08:0008:50Daniels, Jason
BUS 112CLBusiness 112 Lab1W08:0008:50Daniels, Jason
BUS 120BBusiness 120 2MWF10:0010:50Yacyshyn, Alison
BUS 120CBusiness 120 33MWF16:0016:50Van Haaften, Amanda
BUS 210BBusiness 210 2TR14:0015:15Connelly, Liam
BUS 220BBusiness 220 21MWF09:0009:50Couet, Kerry
BUS 250BBusiness 250 8T15:2516:40Payne, Ryan
BUS 250BLBusiness 250 Lab8R15:2516:40Payne, Ryan
CH 102AChemistry 102 11MWF08:0008:50Tavouktsoglou, Tom
CH 102ALChemistry 102 Lab4W08:0010:55Saffa, Alfred
CH 102ASChemistry 102 Seminar12T08:0008:50Tavouktsoglou, Tom
CH 102BChemistry 102 37MWF14:0014:50Pitchko, Vladimir
CH 102BSChemistry 102 Seminar17M11:0011:50Gonzalez, Christina
CH 102CLChemistry 102 Lab2W14:0017:00Saffa, Alfred
CH 102DLChemistry 102 Lab1W14:0017:00Clark, Rhett
CH 102ELChemistry 102 Lab1R08:0010:55Gonzalez, Christina
CH 213AChemistry 213 7MF09:2510:40Washington, John
CH 213ALChemistry 213 Lab8M14:0018:00Saffa, Alfred
CH 261BChemistry 261 21MWF13:0013:50Scadeng, Owen
CH 261CChemistry 261 FULLMWF13:0013:50Clark, Rhett
CH 261CLChemistry 261 Lab2F14:0017:00Titah, James
CH 261CSChemistry 261 Seminar3F11:0011:50Clark, Rhett
CH 261DLChemistry 261 Lab4R18:0021:00Clark, Rhett
CH 261DSChemistry 261 Seminar18R08:2509:15Scadeng, Owen
CH 261ELChemistry 261 LabFULLR14:0017:00Saffa, Alfred
CH 261FLChemistry 261 Lab15S09:0012:00Gonzalez, Christina
CH 263AChemistry 263 22TR09:2510:40Scadeng, Owen
CH 263ALChemistry 263 Lab1M14:0017:00Titah, James
CH 263ASChemistry 263 Seminar2F14:0014:50Scadeng, Owen
CH 263BLChemistry 263 Lab5T14:0017:00Saffa, Alfred
CH 263BSChemistry 263 Seminar15F14:0014:50Saffa, Alfred
CH 263CLChemistry 263 Lab16T18:0021:00Titah, James
CH 273AChemistry 273 12MWF11:0011:50Pitchko, Vladimir
CH 273ALChemistry 273 Lab12T14:0017:00Clark, Rhett
CH 273ASChemistry 273 Seminar12T14:0017:00Clark, Rhett
CH 303AChemistry 303 11MF08:0009:15Washington, John
CH 332AChemistry 332 3R08:0010:40Washington, John
CH 332ALChemistry 332 Lab3T08:0011:00Gonzalez, Christina
CH 367AChemistry 367 5MWF11:0011:50Scadeng, Owen
CH 367ALChemistry 367 Lab5R14:0018:00Scadeng, Owen
CH 395AChemistry 395 FULLTR12:3513:50Titah, James
CH 466AChemistry 466 10MWF13:0013:50Scadeng, Owen
CH 466ALChemistry 466 Lab10R14:0018:00Scadeng, Owen
CH 479AChemistry 479 8TR11:1012:25Pitchko, Vladimir
CH 486AChemistry 486 3MWF11:0011:50Scadeng, Owen
CH 486ALChemistry 486 Lab3R14:0018:00Scadeng, Owen
CH 493AChemistry 493 4MF08:0009:15Washington, John
CH 494AChemistry 494 FULLR08:0010:40Washington, John
CH 494ALChemistry 494 LabFULLT08:0011:00Gonzalez, Christina
CH 497AChemistry 497 2MF09:2510:40Washington, John
CH 497ALChemistry 497 Lab2M14:0018:00Saffa, Alfred
CH 498AChemistry 498 4MWF13:0013:50Scadeng, Owen
CH 498ALChemistry 498 Lab4R14:0018:00Scadeng, Owen
CH 499AChemistry 499 1MWF11:0011:50Pitchko, Vladimir
CH 499ALChemistry 499 Lab1T14:0017:00Clark, Rhett
CH 499ASChemistry 499 Seminar7T14:0017:00Clark, Rhett
CLAS201AClassics 201 11TR14:0015:15Micheelsen, Lisa
CMPT340AComputing Science 340 9MWF13:0013:50Marinova, Rossitza
CMPT340ALComputing Science 340 Lab9R09:2510:40Tymchyshyn, Ed
DAN 250ADance 250 9TR11:1012:25Vandekerkhove, Jodie
DAN 340BDance 340 2TR09:2510:40Vandekerkhove, Jodie
DRA 102ADrama 102 5TR12:2513:50Howarth, Caroline
DRA 149BDrama 149 3MWF09:0010:50Stirling, Glenda
DRA 252CDrama 252 1MWF11:0011:50Stirling, Glenda
DRA 252DDrama 252 20MWF15:0015:50Connolly, Alyson
DRA 307BDrama 307 3 Hiemstra, Josiah
Howarth, Caroline
DRA 308BDrama 308 7 Hiemstra, Josiah
Howarth, Caroline
DRA 309ADrama 309 3 Howarth, Caroline
DRA 325ADrama 325 4MWF13:0014:50Howarth, Caroline
DRA 425ADrama 425 7MWF13:0014:50Howarth, Caroline
EAS 102AEarth Science 102 1MWF11:0011:50Berkes, Zoltan
EAS 102ALEarth Science 102 LabFULLR08:0011:00Davies, Tracye
EAS 102BLEarth Science 102 LabFULLF08:0011:00Davies, Tracye
EAS 102CLEarth Science 102 Lab1F14:0017:00Davies, Tracye
ECO 102AEconomics 102 FULLMWF10:0010:50Franke, Oliver
ECO 102BEconomics 102 1MWF11:0011:50Franke, Oliver
ECO 102CEconomics 102 25T18:0021:00Agamah, William
ECO 102DEconomics 102 11MWF09:0009:50Binnington, Glen
ECO 282AEconomics 282 21TR11:1012:25Franke, Oliver
ECO 341AEconomics 341 39TR09:2510:40Franke, Oliver
ED 199CEducation 199 4MWF09:0009:50Fenske, Neil
ED 199DEducation 199 6MWF13:0013:50Fenske, Neil
ED 199GLEducation 199 Lab1M12:3016:00Fenske, Neil
Murphy, Constance
ED 199HLEducation 199 Lab1T08:3012:00Fenske, Neil
Murphy, Constance
ED 199JLEducation 199 Lab2T12:3016:00Fenske, Neil
Murphy, Constance
ED 199KLEducation 199 Lab3T08:3012:00Fenske, Neil
Murphy, Constance
ED 199MLEducation 199 Lab1T12:3016:00Fenske, Neil
Murphy, Constance
ED 199NLEducation 199 Lab2W08:3012:00Fenske, Neil
Murphy, Constance
EDFD321AEducational Foundations 321 14MW14:0015:15Richardson, Patricia
EDFD341BEducational Foundations 341 16MW14:0015:15Wangler, David
EDPS200BEducational Psychology 200 FULLMWF10:0010:50Daniels, Jason
EDPS200CEducational Psychology 200 FULLMWF11:0011:50Daniels, Jason
EDPS200DEducational Psychology 200 21MW11:0012:15Crocker, Cheryl
EDPS341BEducational Psychology 341 11MW14:0015:15Crocker, Cheryl
ENG 100AEnglish 100 22MWF10:0010:50King, Maureen
ENG 100BEnglish 100 24TR09:2510:40King, Maureen
ENG 101CEnglish 101 FULLMWF11:0011:50Ogundipe, Olumide
ENG 102AEnglish 102 1MWF15:0015:50Buchanan, David
ENG 102BEnglish 102 8MWF16:0016:50Buchanan, David
ENG 111TEnglish 111 16W18:0021:00Scott, Conrad
ENG 111UEnglish 111 FULLMWF09:0009:50Odor, Jasmina
ENG 111VEnglish 111 3MWF14:0014:50Grue, Dustin
ENG 111WEnglish 111 9TR08:0009:15Scott, Conrad
ENG 111ZEnglish 111 FULLTR12:3513:50Buchanan, David
ENG 112DEnglish 112 7MWF08:0008:50Grue, Dustin
ENG 112EEnglish 112 2MWF09:0009:50Grue, Dustin
ENG 112FEnglish 112 2MWF10:0010:50Scott, Conrad
ENG 112GEnglish 112 FULLMWF11:0011:50Odor, Jasmina
ENG 112HEnglish 112 1MWF13:0013:50Wiebe, Reginald
ENG 112JEnglish 112 6MWF14:0014:50Palmer, Sean
ENG 112KEnglish 112 FULLMWF15:0015:50Palmer, Sean
ENG 112LEnglish 112 18TR08:0009:15Pestereva, Nataliia
ENG 112MEnglish 112 3TR09:2510:40Pestereva, Nataliia
ENG 112NEnglish 112 3TR11:1012:25Miller, Katherine
ENG 112OEnglish 112 3TR12:3513:50Barnholden, Neale
ENG 112TEnglish 112 11TR14:0015:15Barnholden, Neale
ENG 112UEnglish 112 21TR15:2516:40Pinterics, Natasha
ENG 338AEnglish 338 3MWF09:0009:50King, Maureen
ENG 341AEnglish 341 13TR11:1012:25King, Maureen
ENG 382AEnglish 382 10TR12:3513:50Wiebe, Reginald
ENG 392AEnglish 392 10MWF14:0014:50Buchanan, David
ENG 393AEnglish 393 FULLMWF13:0013:50McNamara, Tim
ENG 396AEnglish 396 5MWF11:0011:50McNamara, Tim
ENG 398AEnglish 398 12MWF10:0010:50Wiebe, Reginald
ENG 399BEnglish 399 4W18:0021:00Morris, Mark
ENG 407AEnglish 407 FULLMWF15:0015:50McNamara, Tim
ENG 492AEnglish 492 FULLTR09:2510:40Palmer, Sean
ENSC101AEnvironmental Science 101 7MWF15:0015:50Richter, Craig
ENSC101ALEnvironmental Science 101 Lab7S13:0016:00Cheng, Caroline
ENSC204BEnvironmental Science 204 10TR11:1012:25Chen, Xin
ENSC215AEnvironmental Science 215 5TR11:1012:25Dalton, S.
ENSC215ALEnvironmental Science 215 LabFULLF08:0011:00Pollock, Emily
ENSC215BLEnvironmental Science 215 Lab5F14:0017:00Dalton, S.
ENSC227BEnvironmental Science 227 4TR11:1012:25Janowicz, Mariola
ENSC227ELEnvironmental Science 227 LabFULLT14:0016:50Monson, Juliana
ENSC227FLEnvironmental Science 227 Lab4T14:0016:50Monson, Juliana
ENSC250AEnvironmental Science 250 3MWF13:0013:50Chen, Xin
ENSC250ALEnvironmental Science 250 Lab3R14:0017:00Chen, Xin
ENSC265AEnvironmental Science 265 FULLMWF10:0010:50Hemmerling, Deborah
ENSC265ALEnvironmental Science 265 LabFULLW14:0017:00Sheena, Arif
ENSC265BLEnvironmental Science 265 Lab1W18:0021:00Richter, Craig
ENSC265CLEnvironmental Science 265 LabFULLR08:0011:00
ENSC335BEnvironmental Science 335 9 Hemmerling, Deborah
ENSC339AEnvironmental Science 339 13TR12:3513:50Chen, Xin
ENSC355AEnvironmental Science 355 22MWF11:0011:50Dalton, S.
ENSC415AEnvironmental Science 415 10TR09:2510:40Dalton, S.
ENSC415ALEnvironmental Science 415 Lab2R14:0017:00Pollock, Emily
ENSC415BLEnvironmental Science 415 Lab8F14:0017:00Pollock, Emily
ENSC455BEnvironmental Science 455 8 Chen, Xin
Dalton, S.
Hemmerling, Deborah
Janowicz, Mariola
ENSC485AEnvironmental Science 485 3MWF13:0013:50C. Salvado, Carla
Dalton, S.
ENSC495AEnvironmental Science 495 9 Chen, Xin
Dalton, S.
Hemmerling, Deborah
Janowicz, Mariola
ENVH502AEnvironmental Health (After Degree) 502 13M09:0012:00Fok, Nelson
ENVH503AEnvironmental Health (After Degree) 503 N/AW09:0012:00Emde, Karen
Fok, Nelson
ENVH522AEnvironmental Health (After Degree) 522 N/AR09:0012:00Jeroncic, Kevin
Mak, Tony
Sidra, Michael
ENVH522ALEnvironmental Health (After Degree) 522 LabN/AM13:0016:00Mak, Tony
Sidra, Michael
ENVH522BLEnvironmental Health (After Degree) 522 LabN/AT13:0016:00Mak, Tony
Sidra, Michael
ENVH551AEnvironmental Health (After Degree) 551 N/AR13:0016:00Johnson, Marcia
Oda, Joanna
ENVH559AEnvironmental Health (After Degree) 559 N/AW13:0016:00Myckan, Dana
Phan, Phi
Sidra, Michael
Song, Sandra
ENVH571YEnvironmental Health (After Degree) 571 N/A Fok, Nelson
Song, Sandra
ENVH602AEnvironmental Health (Graduate Studies) 602 N/AM09:0012:00Fok, Nelson
ENVH612AEnvironmental Health (Graduate Studies) 612 N/AW09:0012:00Emde, Karen
Fok, Nelson
ENVH622AEnvironmental Health (Graduate Studies) 622 N/AR09:0012:00Jeroncic, Kevin
Mak, Tony
Sidra, Michael
FIN 201BFinance 201 9T
O'Coin, Dwayne
FIN 201BSFinance 201 Seminar9R10:1511:05O'Coin, Dwayne
FIN 220BFinance 220 FULLMWF08:0008:50O'Coin, Dwayne
FIN 320AFinance 320 28RF18:1519:30Alex, Rex
FIN 325BFinance 325 20WF16:3017:45O'Coin, Dwayne
FIN 420AFinance 420 30T17:0020:00Sajedian, Amir
FR 101FFrench 101 FULLMW
Hussein, Mai
FR 101GFrench 101 6MW
Guyot, Adrien
FR 102DFrench 102 FULLMW
Merkel, Joanna
FR 102EFrench 102 10MW
Bratu, Rodica
FR 102FFrench 102 1MW
Guyot, Adrien
FR 102GFrench 102 18MW18:0020:30Guyot, Adrien
FR 211BFrench 211 9MW
Guyot, Adrien
FR 212BFrench 212 18MW
Merkel, Joanna
FR 252AFrench 252 12MF
Hussein, Mai
FR 312AFrench 312 8MWF14:0014:50Hussein, Mai
FR 372AFrench 372 2TR12:3513:50Bratu, Rodica
FR 390AFrench 390 10TR09:2510:40Bratu, Rodica
FR 493AFrench 493 5MWF14:0014:50Hussein, Mai
FR 494AFrench 494 5TR09:2510:40Bratu, Rodica
GERM102BGerman 102 5MF
Miller, Veronica
GERM212AGerman 212 18MF
Miller, Veronica
HEBR102AHebrew 102 10MTWRF13:0013:50Anderson, Bill
HIS 112AHistory 112 6MWF10:0010:50Rockwell, Trevor
HIS 112BHistory 112 14MWF13:0013:50Rockwell, Trevor
HIS 212AHistory 212 24TR12:3513:50Kasinec, Wendy
HIS 261AHistory 261 22MWF10:0010:50Bradford, Tolly
HIS 290AHistory 290 13TR11:1012:25Bradford, Tolly
HIS 355AHistory 355 31MWF09:0009:50Rockwell, Trevor
HIS 366AHistory 366 26TR09:2510:40Bradford, Tolly
HIS 370AHistory 370 14MWF13:0013:50Bradford, Tolly
HIS 410AHistory 410 5MWF14:0014:50Neufeldt, Colin
HRM 220BHuman Resource Management 220 FULLMWF13:0013:50Slaughter, Tim
HRM 323AHuman Resource Management 323 9TR14:0015:15Slaughter, Tim
HRM 327AHuman Resource Management 327 22TR08:0009:15Ndungu, Gladys
HRM 400BHuman Resource Management 400 12TR09:2510:40Bridgeman, Vivianne
HRM 424AHuman Resource Management 424 18TR12:3513:50Van Haaften, Amanda
ISAM521AInformation Systems Assurance Management 521 N/AT09:0012:00Jaafar, Fehmi
ISAM522AInformation Systems Assurance Management 522 N/AW17:0020:00Prashant, Prashant
ISAM558BInformation Systems Assurance Management 558 N/AM09:0012:00Aghili, Shaun
Butakov, Sergey
ISAM580BInformation Systems Assurance Management 580 N/AM09:0012:00Aghili, Shaun
Butakov, Sergey
ISAM581BInformation Systems Assurance Management 581 N/AM09:0012:00Aghili, Shaun
Butakov, Sergey
ISSM507AInformation Systems Security Management 507 N/AF17:0020:00Boadu, Kwame
ISSM521BInformation Systems Security Management 521 N/AW09:0012:00Malik, Yasir
ISSM521CInformation Systems Security Management 521 6W09:0012:00Butakov, Sergey
ISSM525BInformation Systems Security Management 525 N/AM13:0016:00Samuel, Hamman
ISSM531BInformation Systems Security Management 531 N/AF13:0016:00Lindskog, Dale
ISSM535BInformation Systems Security Management 535 N/AF09:0012:00Malik, Yasir
ISSM536BInformation Systems Security Management 536 N/AM17:3020:30Desforges, Benoit
ISSM538BInformation Systems Security Management 538 N/AW09:0012:00Ruhl, Ron
ISSM538CInformation Systems Security Management 538 5R13:0016:00Ruhl, Ron
ISSM541BInformation Systems Security Management 541 N/AR17:0020:00Khinkanina, Natasha
ISSM542AInformation Systems Security Management 542 N/AM19:0021:00Sulman, Abdul
ISSM543BInformation Systems Security Management 543 N/AW13:0016:00Thomas, Ashish
ISSM545BInformation Systems Security Management 545 N/AT17:3020:30Gichohi, Francis
ISSM553BInformation Systems Security Management 553 N/AT13:0016:00Swar, Bobby
ISSM559BInformation Systems Security Management 559 N/AM09:0012:00Zavarsky, Pavol
ISSM559CInformation Systems Security Management 559 N/AT09:0012:00Zavarsky, Pavol
ISSM561BInformation Systems Security Management 561 N/AM09:0012:00Gokul, Radhika
ISSM580BInformation Systems Security Management 580 N/AM09:0012:00Zavarsky, Pavol
ISSM581BInformation Systems Security Management 581 N/AM09:0012:00Zavarsky, Pavol
IT 101BInformation Technology 101 FULLMW10:0010:50Marinova, Rossitza
IT 101CInformation Technology 101 FULLMW15:0015:50Marinova, Rossitza
IT 101CSInformation Technology 101 SeminarFULLF10:0010:50Marinova, Rossitza
IT 101DSInformation Technology 101 SeminarFULLF09:0009:50Marinova, Rossitza
IT 101ESInformation Technology 101 SeminarFULLF15:0015:50Marinova, Rossitza
IT 301AInformation Technology 301 6MWF11:0011:50Marinova, Rossitza
IT 301ALInformation Technology 301 Lab6R14:0017:00Tymchyshyn, Ed
LAT 102ALatin 102 13MF
Krispin, Daniel
LDR 301BLeadership 301 7TR08:0009:15Hadubiak, Greg
LDR 301CLeadership 301 13R17:0020:00Reddy, Ann-Marie
LDR 320ALeadership 320 30TR08:0009:15Loo, Mark
LDR 420ALeadership 420 18TR11:1012:25Van Haaften, Amanda
MARK201BMarketing 201 20MWF11:0011:50Morris, Nadine
MARK320AMarketing 320 24TR15:2516:40Loo, Mark
MARK420AMarketing 420 24TR14:0015:15Reddy, Ann-Marie
MAT 102AMathematics 102 18MW14:0015:15Biglands, Adrian
MAT 102ALMathematics 102 Lab18F14:0015:15Tymchyshyn, Ed
MAT 110CMathematics 110 3MW15:2516:40Biglands, Adrian
MAT 110CLMathematics 110 Lab3F15:2516:40Biglands, Adrian
MAT 110DMathematics 110 16MW14:0015:15Freed, Bill
MAT 110DLMathematics 110 Lab16F14:0015:15Freed, Bill
MAT 114CMathematics 114 FULLMWF
Freed, Bill
MAT 115AMathematics 115 7MWF13:0013:50Freed, Bill
MAT 115BMathematics 115 13TR09:2510:40Amber, Fiaz
MAT 120AMathematics 120 8MWF
Biglands, Adrian
MAT 151CMathematics 151 12MWF11:0011:50Tavouktsoglou, Tom
MAT 151DMathematics 151 8MWF13:0013:50Tavouktsoglou, Tom
MAT 151GLMathematics 151 Lab3T08:0009:15Tymchyshyn, Ed
MAT 151HLMathematics 151 Lab2T09:2510:40Tymchyshyn, Ed
MAT 151JLMathematics 151 Lab1T12:3513:50Tymchyshyn, Ed
MAT 151KLMathematics 151 Lab1T14:0015:15Tymchyshyn, Ed
MAT 215AMathematics 215 32TR12:3513:50Amber, Fiaz
MAT 220AMathematics 220 1TR11:1012:25Strand, Jonathan
MAT 250AMathematics 250 22MWF14:0014:50Pasanen, Trevor
MAT 321AMathematics 321 11TR09:2510:40Guelzow, Andreas J.
MAT 340AMathematics 340 8MWF13:0013:50Marinova, Rossitza
MAT 340ALMathematics 340 Lab8R09:2510:40Tymchyshyn, Ed
MAT 400AMathematics 400 9 Guelzow, Andreas J.
MAT 442AMathematics 442 28MWF16:0016:50Marinova, Rossitza
MGT 300BManagement 300 1TR08:0009:15Hadubiak, Greg
MGT 300CManagement 300 16R17:0020:00Reddy, Ann-Marie
MGT 310BManagement 310 15TR14:0015:15Loo, Mark
MGT 320BManagement 320 14TR11:1012:25Thomas, Ashish
MGT 323BManagement 323 10TR12:3513:50Connelly, Liam
MGT 324AManagement 324 31TR09:2510:40Payne, Ryan
MGT 327AManagement 327 26TR14:0015:15Thomas, Ashish
MGT 417BManagement 417 16TR12:3513:50Thomas, Ashish
MGT 429BManagement 429 12M18:0021:00Reddy, Ann-Marie
MGT 440BManagement 440 7M18:0021:00Reddy, Ann-Marie
MGT 474BManagement 474 10TR15:2516:40Slaughter, Tim
MGT 498XManagement 498 8M16:0017:50McElhone, Paul
Palichuk, Sherry
MGT 499XManagement 499 1M16:0017:50McElhone, Paul
Palichuk, Sherry
MREG 600BGraduate Studies 600 N/A
MSEMBMusic (Applied) 000 16M16:0016:50Brough, John
MUED213AMusic Education 213 18TR09:2510:40Rice, Debbie
MUED264AMusic Education 264 6T18:3021:30Rice, Debbie
MUP 115AMusic (Applied) 115 7W16:0017:50Turner, Theodore
MUP 117AMusic (Applied) 117 3TR08:2509:15Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 122DMusic (Applied) 122 49 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 122EMusic (Applied) 122 48 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 122FMusic (Applied) 122 50 Brough, John
MUP 123DMusic (Applied) 123 50 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 123EMusic (Applied) 123 49 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 123FMusic (Applied) 123 49 Brough, John
MUP 126DMusic (Applied) 126 50 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 126EMusic (Applied) 126 50 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 126FMusic (Applied) 126 46 Brough, John
MUP 127DMusic (Applied) 127 46 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 127EMusic (Applied) 127 49 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 127FMusic (Applied) 127 49 Brough, John
MUP 142BMusic Ensemble 142 50MWF12:4013:55Berg, Joy
MUP 143BMusic Ensemble 143 36MWF12:4013:55Berg, Joy
MUP 164BMusic Ensemble 164 29TR14:0015:15Brough, John
Rice, Debbie
MUP 165BMusic Ensemble 165 30TR14:0015:15Brough, John
Rice, Debbie
MUP 166BMusic Ensemble 166 50W19:3022:00Lisboa, Danielle
MUP 167BMusic Ensemble 167 50W19:3022:00Lisboa, Danielle
MUP 168DMusic Ensemble 168 50T19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 168EMusic Ensemble 168 50R19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 168FMusic Ensemble 168 50W19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 169DMusic Ensemble 169 48T19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 169EMusic Ensemble 169 49R19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 169FMusic Ensemble 169 50W19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 222DMusic (Applied) 222 50 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 222EMusic (Applied) 222 50 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 222FMusic (Applied) 222 50 Brough, John
MUP 223DMusic (Applied) 223 48 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 223EMusic (Applied) 223 48 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 223FMusic (Applied) 223 48 Brough, John
MUP 226DMusic (Applied) 226 50 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 226EMusic (Applied) 226 48 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 226FMusic (Applied) 226 50 Brough, John
MUP 227DMusic (Applied) 227 44 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 227EMusic (Applied) 227 49 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 227FMusic (Applied) 227 48 Brough, John
Rice, Debbie
MUP 242BMusic Ensemble 242 48MWF12:4013:55Berg, Joy
MUP 243BMusic Ensemble 243 38MWF12:4013:55Berg, Joy
MUP 264BMusic Ensemble 264 30TR14:0015:15Brough, John
Rice, Debbie
MUP 265BMusic Ensemble 265 29TR14:0015:15Brough, John
Rice, Debbie
MUP 266BMusic Ensemble 266 50W19:3022:00Lisboa, Danielle
MUP 267BMusic Ensemble 267 50W19:3022:00Lisboa, Danielle
MUP 268DMusic Ensemble 268 49T19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 268EMusic Ensemble 268 50R19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 268FMusic Ensemble 268 50W19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 269DMusic Ensemble 269 50T19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 269EMusic Ensemble 269 48R19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 269FMusic Ensemble 269 50W19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 322DMusic (Applied) 322 50 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 322EMusic (Applied) 322 50 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 322FMusic (Applied) 322 50 Brough, John
MUP 323DMusic (Applied) 323 50 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 323EMusic (Applied) 323 49 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 323FMusic (Applied) 323 50 Brough, John
MUP 326DMusic (Applied) 326 49 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 326EMusic (Applied) 326 50 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 326FMusic (Applied) 326 50 Brough, John
MUP 327DMusic (Applied) 327 48 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 327EMusic (Applied) 327 48 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 327FMusic (Applied) 327 50 Brough, John
MUP 342BMusic Ensemble 342 47MWF12:4013:55Berg, Joy
MUP 343BMusic Ensemble 343 45MWF12:4013:55Berg, Joy
MUP 364BMusic Ensemble 364 30TR14:0015:15Brough, John
Rice, Debbie
MUP 365BMusic Ensemble 365 30TR14:0015:15Brough, John
Rice, Debbie
MUP 366BMusic Ensemble 366 50W19:3022:00Lisboa, Danielle
MUP 367BMusic Ensemble 367 50W19:3022:00Lisboa, Danielle
MUP 368DMusic Ensemble 368 50T19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 368EMusic Ensemble 368 50R19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 368FMusic Ensemble 368 50W19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 369DMusic Ensemble 369 50T19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 369EMusic Ensemble 369 50R19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 369FMusic Ensemble 369 50W19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 422DMusic (Applied) 422 50 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 422EMusic (Applied) 422 50 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 422FMusic (Applied) 422 50 Brough, John
MUP 423DMusic (Applied) 423 50 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 423EMusic (Applied) 423 50 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 423FMusic (Applied) 423 50 Brough, John
MUP 426DMusic (Applied) 426 50 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 426EMusic (Applied) 426 50 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 426FMusic (Applied) 426 50 Brough, John
MUP 427DMusic (Applied) 427 50 Brough, John
Kerley, Jolaine
MUP 427EMusic (Applied) 427 49 Brough, John
Liao, Ping-Shan
MUP 427FMusic (Applied) 427 50 Brough, John
MUP 442BMusic Ensemble 442 49MWF12:4013:55Berg, Joy
MUP 443BMusic Ensemble 443 49MWF12:4013:55Berg, Joy
MUP 464BMusic Ensemble 464 30TR14:0015:15Rice, Debbie
MUP 465BMusic Ensemble 465 30TR14:0015:15Rice, Debbie
MUP 466BMusic Ensemble 466 50W19:3022:00Lisboa, Danielle
MUP 467BMusic Ensemble 467 50W19:3022:00Lisboa, Danielle
MUP 468DMusic Ensemble 468 50T19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 468EMusic Ensemble 468 50R19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 468FMusic Ensemble 468 50W19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 469DMusic Ensemble 469 50T19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 469EMusic Ensemble 469 50R19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 469FMusic Ensemble 469 50W19:3022:00Brough, John
Grasdahl, Wendy
MUP 496AMusic (Applied) 496 8MKerley, Jolaine
MUS 100BMusic 100 24MWF10:0010:50Lisboa, Danielle
MUS 101AMusic 101 22TR11:1012:25Brough, John
MUS 120AMusic 120 8MWF14:0014:50Lisboa, Danielle
MUS 214AMusic 214 8MWF09:0009:50Lisboa, Danielle
MUS 262AMusic 262 22TR14:0015:15Berg, Joy
MUS 316AMusic 316 16TR15:2516:40Boisvert, Natalie
MUS 362AMusic 362 14TR12:3513:50Kerley, Jolaine
MUS 373AMusic 373 6MWF15:0015:50Liao, Ping-Shan
MUS 396BMusic 396 8 Berg, Joy
MUS 490AMusic 490 4TR09:2510:40Berg, Joy
MUS 496AMusic 496 10
MUS212AMusic 212 15MWF11:0011:50Lisboa, Danielle
PACT111APhysical Activity 111 4TR14:0015:15Jacula, Erinn
PACT131APhysical Activity 131 1TR11:1012:25Jacula, Erinn
PACT240APhysical Activity 240 FULLTR09:2510:40Jacula, Erinn
PAT 111APhysical Activity Team 111 29
Mrak, Joel
Valpreda, Robbie
Wood, Reagan
PAT 131APhysical Activity Team 131 31
MacAlpine, Kevin
Mrak, Joel
PAT 138APhysical Activity Team 138 28
Dowler, Shamus
Jacobson, Lucas
Mrak, Joel
Turner, Trever
PAT 147APhysical Activity Team 147 29
Glegloff, Daniel
Mrak, Joel
PAT 211APhysical Activity Team 211 35
Mrak, Joel
Valpreda, Robbie
Wood, Reagan
PAT 231APhysical Activity Team 231 34
MacAlpine, Kevin
Mrak, Joel
PAT 238APhysical Activity Team 238 32
Jacobson, Lucas
Mrak, Joel
Turner, Trever
PAT 247APhysical Activity Team 247 30 Glegloff, Daniel
Mrak, Joel
PESS 101CPhysical Education and Sports Studies 101 3TR12:3513:50Jacula, Erinn
Kennedy, Valerie
PESS 101DPhysical Education and Sports Studies 101 FULLMW12:3513:50Jacula, Erinn
Kennedy, Valerie
PESS 201APhysical Education and Sports Studies 201 9TR14:0015:15Jacula, Erinn
Kennedy, Valerie
PESS 245APhysical Education and Sports Studies 245 1TR12:3513:50Mrak, Joel
PESS 293BPhysical Education and Sports Studies 293 FULLTR12:3513:50Bradford, Brent
PHIL101CPhilosophy 101 8MWF09:0009:50Lockhart, Michael
PHIL101DPhilosophy 101 6TR12:3513:50Lockhart, Michael
PHIL101EPhilosophy 101 23T18:0021:00Lockhart, Michael
PHIL102CPhilosophy 102 20MWF14:0014:50Strand, Jonathan
PHIL102DPhilosophy 102 1MWF11:0011:50Strand, Jonathan
PHIL125BPhilosophy 125 26TR14:0015:15Strand, Jonathan
PHIL201CPhilosophy 201 FULLMWF09:0009:50Lockhart, Michael
PHIL201DPhilosophy 201 3TR12:3513:50Lockhart, Michael
PHIL201EPhilosophy 201 5T18:0021:00Lockhart, Michael
PHIL202CPhilosophy 202 4MWF14:0014:50Strand, Jonathan
PHIL202DPhilosophy 202 2MWF11:0011:50Strand, Jonathan
PHIL220APhilosophy 220 5TR11:1012:25Strand, Jonathan
PHIL241APhilosophy 241 25TR14:0015:15Dumsday, Travis
PHIL275BPhilosophy 275 1TR15:2516:40Dumsday, Travis
PHIL282APhilosophy 282 9MW15:2516:40Colwell, Gary
PHIL420APhilosophy 420 3TR11:1012:25Strand, Jonathan
PHIL475BPhilosophy 475 1TR15:2516:40Dumsday, Travis
PHIL482APhilosophy 482 1MW15:2516:40Colwell, Gary
PHLD 610XPublic Health Leadership 610 N/A Ford, Richard
PHLD 615XPublic Health Leadership 615 N/A Sinclair, Glenn
PHSC 627XPublic Health Strategic Communications 627 N/A Ghosh, Hasu
PHSC 628XPublic Health Strategic Communications 628 N/A Ghosh, Hasu
PHVP 637XPublic Health for Vulnerable Populations 637 N/A Alook, Angele
PHY 112APhysics 112 18TR12:3513:50Berkes, Zoltan
PHY 112ALPhysics 112 Lab3M14:0017:00Tundak, Thomas
PHY 112ASPhysics 112 Seminar18F13:0013:50Berkes, Zoltan
PHY 122APhysics 122 8TR12:3513:50Berkes, Zoltan
PHY 122ALPhysics 122 Lab3M14:0017:00Tundak, Thomas
PHY 132APhysics 132 9TR12:3513:50Berkes, Zoltan
PHY 132ALPhysics 132 Lab3M14:0017:00Tundak, Thomas
PHY 132ASPhysics 132 Seminar4F13:0013:50Berkes, Zoltan
PHY 204APhysics 204 8TR11:1012:25Berkes, Zoltan
PHY 204ALPhysics 204 Lab8R14:0017:00Berkes, Zoltan
PHY 211APhysics 211 14MWF10:0010:50Berkes, Zoltan
PHY 281APhysics 281 10TR09:2510:40Berkes, Zoltan
PHY 281ALPhysics 281 Lab10R14:0017:00Berkes, Zoltan
PHY 302APhysics 302 15MWF09:0009:50Berkes, Zoltan
POEC400APolitical Economy 400 7T14:0016:40Franke, Oliver
Smythe, Elizabeth
PSCI102APolitical Science 102 12MWF10:0010:50Smythe, Elizabeth
PSCI102BPolitical Science 102 22MWF14:0014:50Smythe, Elizabeth
PSCI225APolitical Science 225 19MW14:0015:15Blythe, Mark
PSCI276APolitical Science 276 32TR11:1012:25Smythe, Elizabeth
PSY 104GPsychology 104 FULLTR09:2510:40Wong, Yvonne
PSY 104HPsychology 104 15R18:3021:30Erickson, Greg
PSY 105BPsychology 105 23MWF09:0009:50Howorko, Adam
PSY 105CPsychology 105 FULLMWF10:0010:50Howorko, Adam
PSY 105DPsychology 105 18MWF14:0014:50Howorko, Adam
PSY 105EPsychology 105 4TR11:1012:25Wong, Yvonne
PSY 211DPsychology 211 1MWF13:0013:50Wong, Yvonne
PSY 211DLPsychology 211 Lab1M14:0014:50Wong, Yvonne
PSY 211FPsychology 211 15MWF15:0015:50Wong, Yvonne
PSY 211FLPsychology 211 Lab15W14:0014:50Wong, Yvonne
PSY 223BPsychology 223 FULLTR09:2510:40Arth, Carmen
PSY 223DPsychology 223 4TR11:1012:25Arth, Carmen
PSY 275BPsychology 275 1MWF13:0013:50Howorko, Adam
PSY 281BPsychology 281 3TR14:0015:15Marjanovic, Zdravko
PSY 311BPsychology 311 2MWF13:0013:50Rooney, Bryan
PSY 311BLPsychology 311 Lab2F14:0014:50Rooney, Bryan
PSY 311CPsychology 311 4MWF11:0011:50Collins, Katie
PSY 311CLPsychology 311 Lab4F10:0010:50Collins, Katie
PSY 319CPsychology 319 8MWF09:0009:50Rooney, Bryan
PSY 319CLPsychology 319 Lab8W08:0008:50Rooney, Bryan
PSY 319DPsychology 319 FULLMWF10:0010:50Rooney, Bryan
PSY 319DLPsychology 319 LabFULLW11:0011:50Rooney, Bryan
PSY 319EPsychology 319 14MWF15:0015:50Marjanovic, Zdravko
PSY 319ELPsychology 319 Lab14W16:0016:50Marjanovic, Zdravko
PSY 324APsychology 324 3MWF15:0015:50Arth, Carmen
PSY 324BPsychology 324 13MWF16:0016:50Arth, Carmen
PSY 334BPsychology 334 FULLTR11:1012:25Dyce, Jamie
PSY 334CPsychology 334 FULLTR14:0015:15Dyce, Jamie
PSY 338CPsychology 338 FULLMWF15:0015:50Zare-Bawani, Farzad
PSY 339APsychology 339 5TR09:2510:40Williams, Uzma
PSY 339BPsychology 339 FULLTR11:1012:25Williams, Uzma
PSY 351BPsychology 351 FULLMWF13:0013:50Kulak, Alison
PSY 367APsychology 367 2MWF08:0008:50Howorko, Adam
PSY 385APsychology 385 3TR12:3513:50Dyce, Jamie
PSY 405CPsychology 405 1MWF09:0009:50Kulak, Alison
PSY 405DPsychology 405 FULLMWF11:0011:50Kulak, Alison
PSY 405EPsychology 405 5MWF09:0009:50Collins, Katie
PSY 422APsychology 422 12M16:0017:15Pullin, Wendy
PSY 431BPsychology 431 FULLM14:0017:00Williams, Uzma
PSY 433APsychology 433 4TR17:0018:15Dyce, Jamie
PSY 434APsychology 434 16W15:0018:15Brodie, Norman
Lundell, Karen
PSY 435APsychology 435 4MWF14:0014:50Zare-Bawani, Farzad
PSY 452BPsychology 452 8W18:3021:30Zare-Bawani, Farzad
PSY 486APsychology 486 FULLT14:0015:15Kennedy, Lillian
PSY 486BPsychology 486 9T14:0015:15Kulak, Alison
PSY 496APsychology 496 3T14:0015:15Kennedy, Lillian
PSY 611BPsychology (Graduate Studies) 611 N/AMWF13:0013:50Rooney, Bryan
PSY 611BLPsychology (Graduate Studies) 611 LabN/AF14:0014:50Rooney, Bryan
PSY 622APsychology (Graduate Studies) 622 N/AM16:0017:15Pullin, Wendy
PSY 634APsychology (Graduate Studies) 634 N/AW15:0018:15Brodie, Norman
Lundell, Karen
PSY 635BPsychology (Graduate Studies) 635 N/A Zare-Bawani, Farzad
PSY 636APsychology (Graduate Studies) 636 N/AR18:3021:30Dyce, Jamie
PSY 637BPsychology (Graduate Studies) 637 N/A Zare-Bawani, Farzad
PSY 652BPsychology (Graduate Studies) 652 N/AW18:3021:30Zare-Bawani, Farzad
PSY 653BPsychology (Graduate Studies) 653 N/A Zare-Bawani, Farzad
PSY 669APsychology (Graduate Studies) 669 N/AT18:3021:30Dyce, Jamie
PSY 678BPsychology (Graduate Studies) 678 N/A Brodie, Norman
REL 101DReligious Studies 101 3MWF14:0014:50Khaira, Arshdeep
REL 101EReligious Studies 101 4TR14:0015:15Culling, Joshua
REL 101FReligious Studies 101 22TR15:2516:40Culling, Joshua
REL 102BReligious Studies 102 5TR11:1012:25Labron, Tim
REL 102CReligious Studies 102 13TR12:3513:50Labron, Tim
REL 150CReligious Studies 150 4MWF11:0011:50Frim, Jennifer
REL 150DReligious Studies 150 26MWF13:0013:50Frim, Jennifer
REL 253BReligious Studies 253 15TR11:1012:25C. Berg, InHee
REL 253CReligious Studies 253 12TR12:3513:50C. Berg, InHee
REL 275BReligious Studies 275 11TR15:2516:40Dumsday, Travis
REL 338AReligious Studies 338 4MWF10:0010:50Anderson, Bill
REL 370AReligious Studies 370 17TR09:2510:40Muir, Steven
REL 499AReligious Studies 499 14TR12:3513:50Muir, Steven
SOC 100ESociology 100 2MWF11:0011:50Walrond, Jean
SOC 100FSociology 100 1MWF13:0013:50Etoroma, Efa
SOC 100GSociology 100 49TR08:0009:15Simmons, Jonathan
SOC 101ASociology 101 33W18:0021:00Eke, Bede
SOC 102ASociology 102 11TR08:0009:15Schlenker, Dale
SOC 102BSociology 102 2TR09:2510:40Schlenker, Dale
SOC 224ASociology 224 6MWF15:0015:50Etoroma, Efa
SOC 241BSociology 241 1MWF10:0010:50Etoroma, Efa
SOC 315BSociology 315 1TR11:1012:25Jayachandran, John
SOC 315BLSociology 315 Lab1R12:3514:35Jayachandran, John
SOC 327ASociology 327 24M18:0021:00Eke, Bede
SOC 333ASociology 333 6TR14:0015:15Schlenker, Dale
SOC 353ASociology 353 22MWF13:0013:50Walrond, Jean
SOC 368ASociology 368 29MWF14:0014:50Etoroma, Efa
SOC 375ASociology 375 7TR09:2510:40Walrond, Jean
SOC 376ASociology 376 9TR12:3513:50Schlenker, Dale
SOC 405BSociology 405 4TR08:0009:15Jayachandran, John
SOC 405CSociology 405 8TR15:2516:40Jayachandran, John
SOC 475ASociology 475 4TR09:2510:40Walrond, Jean
SOC 480BSociology 480 14 Etoroma, Efa
Jayachandran, John
Schlenker, Dale
SPA 101DSpanish 101 2MW
Herrera, Hansy
SPA 102BSpanish 102 5MW
Alexander, Katie
SPA 102CSpanish 102 9MW
Alexander, Katie
SPA 102DSpanish 102 FULLMW18:0020:30Herrera, Hansy
SPA 212ASpanish 212 15MW
Hernandez, Juan
UFDN 199BUniversity Foundations 199 3TR11:1012:25Morrison, Hayley
WRI 300CWriting 300 3MWF14:0014:50Odor, Jasmina
WRI 300DWriting 300 FULLTR11:1012:25Palmer, Sean
WRI 300EWriting 300 10TR14:0015:15Miller, Katherine
WRI 392AWriting 392 9W18:0021:00Martin, Lisa