Religious Studies 385

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Religious Studies 385 REL 385
Orthodoxy and Heresy in Early Christianity 3 (3-0-0-0-0)

The primary purpose of the class will be to explore the variety of non-canonical 'i.e. apocryphal' texts which were developed and widely read in the first several centuries of the Christian era. Examination of these NT apocryphal writings will show diversity in early Christianity in the form of either Christian "orthodoxy" or "heresy". Heresy historically has been a constant companion of orthodoxy Christianity and functioned like a pumice on Christianity in the sense that the primary faith contents of Christianity were refined as the early Christians struggled with the challenges posed by the heretics to define the Christian rule of faith with clarity and preserve its wholesomeness. To examine this, the course will examine the various strands of Christianity and the key issues of debate among them by looking into diversity in early Christian thought and practice by investigating both "orthodoxical" and "heterodoxical" expressions contained in NT apocryphal writings.

Credit Restriction: Credit may be obtained for only one of Religious Studies 385 or Biblical and Christian Studies 585

Prerequisites: 2nd year standing required
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