Psychology 333

Regular university classes run from Sep. 5, 2018 to Dec. 7, 2018
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Psychology 333 PSY 333
Introduction to Group Counselling 3 (0-3s-0-0-0)

This course allows students to gain practical experience in the various theoretical approaches to group work. It stimulates thought about ethical and practical issues that are typically encountered by group leaders and participants. Students become familiar with major areas of group work such as task and work groups, guidance and psychoeducational groups, counselling and interpersonal groups, and psychotherapy and personality-reconstruction groups. An applied component of the course allows students the opportunity to engage in experiential exercises related to group processes and practices.

Note: Open only to students in the four-year Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Applied Emphasis) program.

Prerequisites: (PSY 233 or Psychology 338) and Psychology 332 and Psychology 339 and 2nd year standing required
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