Public Health for Vulnerable Populations 634

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Public Health for Vulnerable Populations 634 PHVP 634
Public Health for Children and Youth at Risk 1.5 (0-1s-0-0-0)

This course will examine the social, political, and cultural factors that shape the health of socially disadvantaged children from infancy through adolescence in Canada. A life course perspective will be used to examine the role childhood plays in creating and maintaining socioeconomic health inequalities in later adulthood. At the end of this course, students will understand the impacts that latency effects, pathway effects and cumulative effects have on health across the lifespan. Students will be able to describe recent trends in governmental approaches aimed at reducing health disparities among socially vulnerable children and youth in Canada, and compare these approaches internationally. The course will prepare students to undertake positions in public health that involve the planning of policies and programs aimed at reducing health inequalities among socially vulnerable children and youth.

Prerequisites: special conditions as specified below
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Special Conditions: Undergraduate degree or equivalent