Public Health Leadership 610

Regular university classes run from Sep. 4, 2019 to Dec. 6, 2019
Regular deadline to add/drop: Sep. 11, 2019 12:00pm  
Regular last day to withdraw: Dec. 6, 2019  

Public Health Leadership 610 PHLD 610
Leadership Principles for Public Health Profesionals 1.5 (0-1s-0-0-0)

Students will apply the foundational framework of knowledge and critical thinking skills needed for effective leadership of public health organizations. Topics covered include theories, values, issues and skills of leadership, tools for effective motivation, and the relationship of communication to organizational effectiveness.

Credit Restriction: Credit may be obtained for only one of Public Health Leadership 610 or ENVH610

Prerequisites: special conditions as specified below
Further information: Course availability and times
Special Conditions: Undergraduate degree or equivalent.