Music (Applied) 226

Regular university classes run from Sep. 4, 2019 to Dec. 6, 2019
Regular deadline to add/drop: Sep. 11, 2019 12:00pm  
Regular last day to withdraw: Dec. 6, 2019  

Music (Applied) 226 MUP 226
Applied Music (Primary Area) 1.5 (1-0-0-0)

Private music lessons in the student's primary area of study. REGISTRATION NOTES for private music lesson courses: Voice lessons - Register in section A 'Fall term' or section D 'Winter term'. Piano lessons - Register in section B 'Fall term' or section E 'Winter term'. Instrument lessons - Register in section C 'Fall term' or section F 'Winter term'.

Note: An additional fee is charged (Section 5.1).

Prerequisites: Music (Applied) 127 [B- minimum grade required]
Corequisites: MSEM (Music Seminar)
Further information: Course availability and times