Mathematics 400

Regular university classes run from Sep. 4, 2019 to Dec. 6, 2019
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Mathematics 400 MAT 400
Thesis in Mathematics 3 (0-3s-0-0-0)

Supervised by a faculty member in the Mathematics Department, the student undertakes an independent study of an approved topic and completes a written thesis. The grade is determined solely by the quality of the thesis and its oral defence. The topic will normally be an extension of material covered in 400-level Mathematics courses successfully taken by the student.

Note: Open only to Mathematics majors in their fourth year. A 3-credit course over the full academic year.

Prerequisites: Mathematics 200 [C- minimum grade required] and (Mathematics 401 or MAT 402 or Mathematics 421 or MAT 422 or Mathematics 424 or Mathematics 441 or Mathematics 442 or Mathematics 491 or Mathematics 492) and Mathematics (12SR) and 4th year standing required and Consent of Department
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