Information Technology 210

Information Technology 210 IT 210
Operating Systems 3 (3-0-1.5-0)

An overview of modern operating systems. Topics include concepts that underlie operating systems, basic functions common to all operating systems, operating systems security, desktop virtualization software, types of operating systems. Discussions of operating systems environments include DOS, Windows family, versions of UNIX 'Linux, MAC OS, Solaris'.

Credit Restriction: Credit may be obtained for only one of Information Technology 210 or IT 102

Prerequisites: (Information Technology 101 [C- minimum grade required] or Computing Science 111 [C- minimum grade required] or CMPT112 [C- minimum grade required] ) and 2nd year standing required or special conditions as specified below
Further information: Course availability and times
Special Conditions: 3 credits in Computing Science or Information Technology [C- minimum grade required] and 2nd year standing required