Information Systems Security Management 507

Regular university classes run from Aug. 31, 2020 to Dec. 4, 2020
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Information Systems Security Management 507 ISSM507
Organizational Behaviour 3 (0-3s-0-0-0)

Organizational behaviour integrates content from several fields including psychology, sociology, economics, organization theory, statistics, and others. This material is then applied to organizations to explain the motivation of people and how the potential of the human side of business is best harnessed. This content is a crucial area of knowledge in information systems security because of the constantly changing security environment and the changing importance of the roles of security officers. Topics such as work motivation, work attitudes, socialization, leadership, decision making, and management of change will all help prepare students for the challenges faced as a security professional or manager.

Note: Open only to students in the Graduate Diploma in Information Assurance, Graduate Diploma in Information Security, Master of Information Systems Assurance Management, or Master of Information System Security Management programs.

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