Information Systems Security Management 503

Regular university classes run from Sep. 4, 2019 to Dec. 6, 2019
Regular deadline to add/drop: Sep. 11, 2019 12:00pm  
Regular last day to withdraw: Dec. 6, 2019  

Information Systems Security Management 503 ISSM503
Operating Systems Security 3 (2-1s-0-0-0)

This course has two components: a theory component to teach the concepts and principles that underlie modern operating systems, and a practice component to relate theoretical principles with operating system implementation. In the theory component, you will learn about processes and processor management, concurrency and synchronization, memory management schemes, file systems and secondary storage management security and protection, etc. The practice component will complement the theory component through some specific assignments illustrating the use and implementation of these concepts.

Note: Open only to students in the Graduate Diploma in Information Assurance, Graduate Diploma in Information Security, Master of Information Systems Assurance Management, or Master of Information System Security Management programs.

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