History 355

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History 355 HIS 355
The History of Science from the Scientific Revolution to the Present Day 3 (3-0-0-0)

A survey of the history of science from the Scientific Revolution to the present day. Topics include the Scientific Revolution; the progress of scientific thinking in Portugal, Spain, Italy, England, France, Scotland, the Netherlands, and Sweden to 1800; the evolution of Chemistry; theories on the origins of the earth; the role of the scientific academies; the emergence of the professional scientist; Darwin, evolution, and Social Darwinism; eugenics and heredity; the crisis between science and religion; the development of physics as a discipline; medicine in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth century; biology and race; science and women; and big science.

Credit Restriction: Credit may be obtained for only one of History 355 or HIS 351

Prerequisites: 2nd year standing required
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