French 303

Regular university classes run from Sep. 5, 2018 to Dec. 7, 2018
Regular deadline to add/drop: Sep. 12, 2018 12:00pm  
Regular last day to withdraw: Dec. 7, 2018  

French 303 FR 303
Twentieth-Century Francophone Literature 3 (3-0-0-0-0)

A useful introduction to literature in French, this course is designed to promote an understanding and appreciation of contemporary francophone literature. It also examines current trends in a constantly evolving language and culture. Conducted entirely in French, it provides students with the opportunity to increase their language skills in all areas, while broadening their cultural knowledge through the study of literature of the modern francophone world.

Credit Restriction: Credit may be obtained for only one of French 303 or French 492

Prerequisites: FR 250 or French 252 and 2nd year standing required
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