Environmental Health (Graduate Studies) 622

Regular university classes run from Aug. 31, 2020 to Dec. 4, 2020
Regular deadline to add/drop: Sep. 8, 2020 12:00pm  
Regular last day to withdraw: Dec. 4, 2020  

Environmental Health (Graduate Studies) 622 ENVH622
Environmental Health Practice II 3 (3-0-3-0)

An exploration of advanced investigative protocols as they apply to environmental health. Students develop and apply models for inspection, investigation, risk analysis, and risk management. Case scenarios include evaluation of agricultural facilities, child care facilities, adult care facilities, recreational water/public beaches, swimming pools and other aquatic facilities, work camps, emergency response, outbreak investigation and management as well as surveillance and Notifiable Disease follow-up. Principles are applied through lectures, table-top exercises, visits to premises and the preparation of professional reports linking theory to practice.

Note: Open to students in the Graduate Diploma in Environmental Public Health Practice or by permission of the department.

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