Chemistry 471

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Chemistry 471 CH 471
Spectroscopic Methods 3 (3-0-0-0-0)

Utilization of spectroscopy in structure determination with a major focus on Vibrational 'IR, Raman' and NMR spectroscopic techniques. Topics related to IR spectroscopy include: molecular symmetry, group theory with an emphasis on applications to Vibrational spectroscopy, selection rules in IR and Raman spectroscopy, and the analysis of vibrational spectra of polyatomic molecules. Additional material related to Rotational spectroscopy will be presented. Topics related to NMR spectroscopy include: discussion of first order NMR spectra, classical description of magnetic resonance experiments, the rotating frame of reference, relaxation effects, Fourier transform NMR spectroscopy, and a survey of common two-dimensional NMR experiments. Focus will be on both theory and practical applications.

Note: CH 382 is recommended as a prerequisite.

Prerequisites: Chemistry 263 [C- minimum grade required] and Chemistry 271 [C- minimum grade required] and 2nd year standing required
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