Chemistry 321

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Chemistry 321 CH 321
Industrial Chemistry 3 (3-0-1-0-0)

Overview of the chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industry in Alberta, the principal processes, scale-up of laboratory methods, modelling of processes, economic factors, automation, data management, feedback loops, quality assurance, safety, and project development. The course surveys areas such as metallurgy, the production of common inorganic chemicals, the petrochemical industry, and the production of various polymers. Chemical production related to agriculture and forestry are studied. The course also surveys the production of fine 'or specialty' organic chemicals such as dyes and pharmaceuticals. The lab for this course consists of field trips to various industrial facilities in the Edmonton area.

Prerequisites: Chemistry 102 [C- minimum grade required] and Chemistry 263 [C- minimum grade required] and 2nd year standing required
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