Business 112

Regular university classes run from Aug. 31, 2020 to Dec. 4, 2020
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Regular last day to withdraw: Dec. 4, 2020  

Business 112 BUS 112
Business Statistics 3 (3-0-1-0-0)

An introductory-level statistics course covering basic statistical concepts, analytical techniques, and methods of analysis. The focus is to build student knowledge and confidence with respect to the use of statistics in a variety of business applications. Course content includes descriptive statistics, probability, statistical inference, sampling techniques, measures of central tendency, expectations and variance.

Credit Restriction: Credit may be obtained for only one of Business 112 or Mathematics 151 or Sociology 210 or Psychology 211

Prerequisites: (Math 30-1, Pure Math 30 or equivalent) or (Applied Mathematics 30 or equivalent) or (Math 30-2 or equivalent)
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