Biology 350

Regular university classes run from Aug. 31, 2020 to Dec. 4, 2020
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Biology 350 BIO 350
Parasitology 3 (3-0-3-0-0)

Parasitology is the scientific study of the biological relationship known as parasitism. This course is a survey of parasites of human and animals, using selected taxa to illustrate the parasite/host adaptation with respect to their morphology, physiology, behaviour, life history, and ecology. Based on this basic knowledge, discussion will focus on the occurrence, symptomatology, pathogenesis, epidemiology and control of representative parasitic diseases of human and animals. Laboratories will provide opportunities for students to study specimen and samples of important taxa of parasites, as well as to conduct experiments to explore parasitic relationships and life histories.

Credit Restriction: Credit may be obtained for only one of Biology 350 or Environmental Science 354

Prerequisites: Biology/Environmental Science (3SR) or Biology (3SR) and 2nd year standing required
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